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Hey clever one particular, your lack of education shines. White individuals have designed over ninety% of all the things you contact. Now you would like to blame your problems on white people? We'll provide you with no compassion as you are NOT American but a traitor!

Many of the ISIS terrorists who killed a hundred thirty people in Paris previously this month posed as refugees from Syria’s civil war to slip into Europe and meet up with their co-conspirators.

Not merely are vets delivering Increasingly more vaccines to our pets, they’re continuing to do so over a routine that has clearly and regularly been demonstrated to generally be both ineffective and perilous.

That you are listening to the media and CNN too much. Kanye west is NOTHING like Trump and The rationale why Trump is so hated is simply because he will provide white americans back again from near extinction. people think America is really a dumping ground but not any longer! TRUMP Is really a HERO!

What’s really sad are classified as the number of people who buy into Odummer and Swillary’s “Hearts and flowers” schedule and the “Oh look at People INNOCENT Folks that mean, unpleasant ole Trump would like to switch absent!” When even DHS does know WHO They can be or the rest about them! three hundred, 000 of these! Just nuts

So convey to me you 50 % witted hilly billy have ya at any time hearda ona them investigation issues? Or received’t Andy Permit ya mention it Barney?

Confident there are “reasonable Muslims” out there but They can be perceived as sympathetic to radical Islam evidenced by the Pretty much full insufficient general public outcry and resistance against radical Islam.

So Ill in the navigate here agenda pushed media choosing a pathetic headline that is internally created to spew loathe on Americans!!

You seem lots like an uncircumcised pig head, crammed with cancerous viruses and eons of stupidity at the rear of your high school dropout Mind…. and don’t lie yet again and say something about college, you needed to google how to spell college you turdhead

Rages that anti-American totalitarian who doesn’t have an understanding of that religious bigotry isn't promoted from the Structure.

check out Iraq, now you punk faced shytheaded muzzie. Permit’s see how you find yourself burning on the tip of allah’s weenie. you and ISIS are no distinctive, don’t you dare forget that loser!

Jose I’ve advised you. I AM peaceful. But have a look at what’s currently being posted by These “peace lovers”.

You’re way too dim to be aware of that you are what Gandhi was discussing when he claimed he liked your Christ, although not your Christians.

Because two globe wars experienced began in Europe, the Europeans decreed that To any extent further, Europe would renounce the usage find of pressure, next and clear up all conflicts by diplomacy and appeasement

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